4-Year-Old Uses His Savings to Rescue Two Dogs at Animal Shelter

While most children will consider getting toys on their birthdays, Jaxton Betschart, aged four, had a different idea. According to his mom, Elyse Betschart, the young boy decided to use his birthday money to help find loving homes for two shelter dogs. This happened when Elyse took her son to the Charleston Animal Society shelter. It is while at the shelter that Jax chose two pi-bull-mixed breed dogs and decided to use his money to pay their adoption fees.


Getting the dogs

Jax’s attention was drawn to a black and white pup by the name Penelope. The boy liked that the dog had black patches around her eyes. However, he noticed another dog named Tank as he was heading towards the front desk to sponsor Penelope. He intended to use the CAS’s Sponsorship Program which allows donors to pay adoption fees for a pet of their choice.


Adopting Tank

After calling his mother’s attention to his mom, Jax asked Elyse whether they could bring Tank home with them to play Incredible Hulk with him. Elyse explained to her son that it was not possible for them to adopt the dog. However, she suggested that the 4-year old could become Tank’s, Guardian Angel. By doing this, Jax could help the dog find a home, just as he had done with Penelope.

Elyse told iHeartDogs that most people do not know that they have the option of sponsoring pets through the various programs available. She added that people could actually use their money to help pets find loving homes. One of the staff members at CAS took a photo of Jax holding his guardianship certificate while standing in front of Tank’s cage. This photo spread and generated a lot of interest.

Inspiration to others

The kind gesture by young Jax created awareness about the sponsorship, with people seeking to learn more about becoming Guardian Angels to pets at CAS. A few days after Jax-sponsored the two dogs, there numerous donations, and sponsorships from different people. The interest generated resulted in Tank and Penelope being adopted immediately and a host of pets earning sponsorships for adoption.


Adoption by Jax

Jax could not adopt a pet on his own because the Betscharts are a military family. This means that they move from one city to another after every three years. They also already have 4 rescue dogs and 2 rescue cats and could not take in more animals. The third reason is that military rules impose specific bans on the adoption of certain breeds of animals by families living in military houses.

Future plans

Jax and Elyse plan to start their dog rescue in future. Elyse expressed to iHeartDogs.com what a huge part of our lives animals are. She said that she felt incredibly blessed that her son had been the inspiration for the community to come together to give shelter dogs the voice they need to find the homes they need. She added that she felt accomplished as a mom and joked that she could retire from being a mom.