Alberta Woman Spent $700 On A Hairless Cat Only to Find Out It Was a Cruel Scam

Are you a cat lover? If you are, then you probably know about Sphynx cats. They are usually hairless and are so rare to find which explains why they are so costly. However, If you decide to buy a cat make sure you buy from a trusted seller. Recently, a woman named JoAnne Dyck spent $700 on a hairless cat thinking it was a Sphynx kitten only to find it was a scam. Her story will help you be more careful the next time you think of buying a pet.

Just like when buying anything else, Dyck saw an ad on the internet and decided to contact the seller. To her surprise, the seller was very friendly. He even offered to deliver the cat instead of her making a trip to the south. The kitten was called Vlad. It was skinny and completely hairless, and thus, anyone could assume it to be a Sphynx.

Being an animal lover, she had other sphynx cats, and so, she just put them together. After a while, she noticed that the cat was not getting along with the other cats. She then decided to sell it to another buyer and luckily, they were communicating with each other even after the new owner bought it.

After a while, the new owner noticed that the cat was not calm at any given time and so, she decided to take it to a vet. According to Dyck, the vet said the cat had been shaved with either a razor or something of the sought. Even worse, the cuts on the tail were infected, and there was a possibility of it being amputated. That was the moment she knew it was a scam and the kitten was not a Sphynx.

One week later, the cat started growing hair, and it was constantly crying. She called the Calgary Humane Society to seek help, but to her disappointment, they were not of any help. They could not deal with such a case since she did not have any address nor a full name of the seller. After that, she contacted the Alberta Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, but to her surprise, they said they could not do anything since the cat had already seen a vet and it was not suffering from any trauma.

Well, what could you have done? She decided to just take care of it just like any pet lover would do. At the moment, Vlad’s hair has grown back, and he now gets the love he needs. But, that was a lesson Dyck had to learn in a hard way.
Do not allow yourself to go through the same experience. Seek advice from someone who has worked with pets for a long time to avoid being conned.