Boss Raises Money So Long-Distance Employee Can Keep Her Job

Employees are the greatest asset in business. However, with the many life hustles, it ‘s hard to mind about employees’ welfare and at the same time get enough money to run a business. Finding a boss that goes above and beyond his abilities and duty to support you at your lowest moments is something you cannot take for granted.

Tie Benbow who is an employee at Firestone Complete Auto Care is one of the lucky employees that have had a chance to work with a caring and passionate boss. Recently, she decided to quit her job due to the long distance she had to cover to get to work. She explained to her boss that the distance, as well as the cost, was too high for her despite the effort she had made to move 30 miles closer to the working place.

Unfortunately, before she could even resign, she fell sick in January and thus had to stay out of work for a while. That was a very low moment in her life. On top of that, one of her car’s was repossessed since she could not be able to perform her normal working duties. And, the only remaining vehicle that was in the shop was in the process of being repossessed since she could not even get it out of the shop.

With all this going on, Tie had no other choice but to quit the job she loved dearly. She decided to get a job that was near her home. But even with that, she was not happy, and luckily, her former boss Brown and co- worker Eric Amos noticed the change in attitude and behavior and decided to help her. In an interview, the co- worker explained that they knew Benbow to be a happy person, but in the new job, she seemed sad and withdrawn.

Brown and the team members decided to pull resources together and help her stand back on her feet so that she could get her job back. Brown explains that when you see someone going something in life, you need to step up and do something about it. Also, the co-workers felt that she was part of their family and so, they were more than ready to help.

What would you do if you found out that your previous boss and colleagues are going that extra mile to help you get your job back? It is a unique and emotional moment. Benbow was moved by their care and generosity, and she explains with tears in her eyes that Charles Brown her boss was the best and that she could not be any more grateful.

Imagine a world with all bosses like Charles. It would be awesome right? Make your leadership different by being supportive and caring for your employees. You spend most of your time in your job, and so, your colleagues are like family to you.Treat them with love. Take care of them today, and tomorrow it might be you in need.