Creative Judge Sentences Dog Abuser to Time in a Garbage Dump

When people abuse animals or subject them to cruelty, there is usually a special place reserved for them. However, there is a judge who employs his creativity to give a different kind of punishment to people who neglect animals in their homes. The judge makes sure that the punishments are effective, in line with the law and will give the criminals a chance to think about what they have done.

Alternative punishments
There are many cases of dangerous people who have gotten off the hook after being charged with serious crimes. Some have been allowed to walk with just a warning or a fine. In these situations, it may appear that the measures did not teach the offenders much of a lesson. This is why Judge Michael Cicconetti of Painesville, Ohio has designed a new method of giving punishments that fit the crimes committed.

Examples of punishments
In one of the cases before the judge, a teenager who had run out of cab fare was given the option of serving time in jail or walking a total of 30 miles. In another case, a young boy who had stolen a bike had the option of spending time in jail or riding a bike for a charity in a local parade. There is also the case of a man who was caught soliciting prostitutes. His punishment required that he stands in public in a chicken suit and endure the embarrassment. In all the three cases, the offenders choose the alternative punishment over spending time in jail.

Cruelty to a dog
However, the story of Alyssa Morrow hit the judge’s soft spot and captured the attention of the public. The court of law found Morrow guilty of abusing and neglecting her dog by the name Moose. Animal control had found out that Morrow had trapped Moose inside a filthy and disgusting home, subjecting the animal to the deplorable conditions for about a week.
Judge Cicconetti himself is a dog lover, a factor that made him pay personal attention to the case. While delivering his judgment, the judge decided that the punishment will involve the offender tasting her own medicine. He gave Morrow the option of choosing between spending 90 days in jail or spending a total of eight hours in the smelliest and most stinky part of a dump site. The pet parent chose to spend eight hours of the next day at the dumpsite.

In all the cases where the judge has handed alternative punishment, offenders agree that it was better than spending time in jail. For Morrow, this was an opportunity to reflect over how she had treated her dog. Her second chance came on the following day when she was given the job to pick up garbage. She spent eight hours of her day at the filthy dumpsite.

Future for Moose
While the punishment was being given and done, Moose had been recuperating and was now looking healthier. By the time the pet parent was doing her punishment, the dog was up for adoption.