Man Wrestles Python To Save Beloved Dog

Man’s best friend is expected to protect us and we have the responsibility to protect them. This Florida local put his life in danger to battle a python that was ready to kill his dog. Would you be willing to do the same for your dog?

When Joseph and his beloved dog went out for their routine Midnight walk, a gigantic python came out of nowhere. This eight-foot monster had given this man a rush of adrenaline that he had never experienced before. Who knows what this python wanted with them. Perhaps the python wanted to make him or his dog a Midnight snack.

With great courage and an ounce of stupidity, this man went toe to toe with the giant snake. After pushing the dog back into his house, he wrestled the snake as if he were wrestling The Rock at Wrestlemania. He then used a nearby mop to lure the snake into a pillow case so that it was ready for the authorities. Although the snake is not that of the same caliber of those in the Everglades, it is still large enough to kill a human or small pet.

Florida’s Wildlife team had gone to the scene to properly remove the python from the property. This snake is an invasive species, so the local authorities do not take such calls lightly. There is an ongoing concern that pythons are using the local canal to travel into residential areas like his. The authorities that had captured the snake plan on putting it to sleep.\

Pythons have been a plague to the State of Florida and incidences like this have been increasing. Although very few end up fighting a python by hand, people do have encounters with the dangerous species on a regular basis.

There is a reason why the state holds it’s annual Python Challenge to help with reduction. Thousands of professional python hunters gather to rack up the highest body count to present to the judges.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are even contracting python experts from India to come and deal with the snake problem. The Indian snake trackers have improved the state’s hunting and prevention methods to match those of the tribes in India.

Liscinsky was injured but was fortunate enough to not have any fatal wounds. The python had bitten him hard but luckily pythons are not venomous. If the python could have gotten him within its grasp, he could have been choked to death.

As the spectacle went on, his redneck neighbors had been filming instead of helping the whole time. The video footage was eventually sent to multiple news organizations and the local stations could not stop contacting him. With his newly found glory, all of the pythons on the block will surely not mess with him.

Joseph Liscinsky, the snake wrestler, claims that he only did it to save his dog. His dog is tiny and delicate so such a large snake would have eaten it with great ease. Instead of letting his precious baby get crushed by the powerful python, Joseph was willing to sacrifice himself.