Pregnant Doctor Delivers Her Own Baby While Stuck In Traffic

Doctors are busy delivering babies daily, so why would they be able to deliver their own? Whilst in a pinch in traffic gridlock traffic, Doctor Victoria Williams from Santa Rosa, California had to do just that since it was impossible to reach the hospital in time. To her surprise, she had to give birth to her second child whilst in the back seat of her car! The hospital staff was extremely surprised how cleanly the procedure had gone without the assistance of another doctor.

Contractions had started the day before it was declared a false positive. The next day she had contractions again that was followed by her water breaking. When her water had broke, she and her husband only had time to grab her purse and take off to the hospital.

They had taken Highway 12 expecting that this was the best way to reach the hospital in time. Victoria takes this route on a regular basis so she was sure that they would get there just fine. Unfortunately, the Santa Rosa traffic had been horribly backed up. After waiting in the car for so long, she had decided that she had no choice but to take the baby into her own hands (literally).

Huffing and puffing for 40 minutes of anguish, the newborn had finally started to push out. She had reached down and felt the head and the shoulders and the rest of the baby. She then took the baby in her arms as her husband advanced through the traffic on the way to the hospital once again. The baby was weighed at 8-and-a-half pounds without any health issues.

She is now one of the few people in the world to be both the mother and the delivering physician on the birth certificate. I suppose it is another way to save big bucks on the hospital bill. Perhaps other women should consider this new DIY solution.

She had delivered her first baby at her own home with the assistance of other medical professionals. It was a surprise that this delivery was so fast considering her first one lasted over 20 hours. This time, she wanted to have her coworkers at the Petaluma Health Center to deliver the baby. This experience was not the one she wanted, but it is a unique story that will be told for generations in her family.

Dr. Victoria Williams is a veteran when it comes to delivering babies at the Petaluma Valley Hospital. She is assigned to give birth to babies on weekends and nights aside from her other duties. She currently practices osteopathic medicine, which is the practice of relying on the body’s ability to heal itself without the over usage of drugs.

The Petaluma Valley Hospital is considered to be one of the best in Northern California. Her department handles the birthing of babies from families in multiple communities just North of San Francisco. They have a track record of having the best reviews from families when it comes to performance and costumer satisfaction.